Jumping in head first - hope there is water in the pool

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Jumping in head first - hope there is water in the pool

I now have my SSI going and dealing with all those headaches and transferring of health care. Solved a lot of problems, but replaced them with lots of new ones. LOL! Been working on capturing, creating and editing new images which I hope to pick up again soon. This is my only income outside SSI. I can't do anywhere near what I could before as far as shooting but I am starting to shoot and edit again. Check out new work on my site and review the old work too. I doubt that you've seen them all. LOL! Have a beautiful week my dear friends.

If you are a model and want to work with me let me know asap, want to begin shooting for art shoots before it gets too hot.

I also do commissioned work. See a piece you want but would like a signature, quote, saying, remark or graphic added, just let me know.

Clayton Bruster